Step 1: Boundaries.

First look at the waterfront. What would you like to place in front of the sea? Private houses?  A continuous linear park? A public attraction? Would you like to have the coast accessible?

Look at the sentosa gateway and vivo. Would you like to relate with it? With another commercial strip? With a public walk to continue the sentosa gateway?

Look at the Mount Faber, part of the park connector, long strip of parks in the city. Would you like to continue the strip?

  •    Step 2: Green space.

Where would you like to see green spaces?

Are these green spaces connected in a network (e.g. green corridors, water canals) or does each neighbourhood have its own open space?

  •    Step 3: Public spaces and Cultural Attractions.

Would you like only to have parks or also paved open spaces? How often?

Would you like to have a cultural attraction? How is it related to your parks and paved open spaces?

  •    Step 4: Residential and mixed use buildings.

Where would you place residential buildings (red) or mixed use buildings (red and yellow)?

How do they relate with your green spaces? Are they along or around the green spaces?

Where would you more likely see high rise? Where would low rise belong?

  •     Step 5: Commercial and Office buildings

Where are the commercial (yellow) and office areas (blue)?

Are they all in the same area, or mixed in with other types of buildings and spaces?

Do you think there is a shop within walking distance, from all you residential units?

How are commercial units related to your green spaces?

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